5G+ Unlimited Data Plans

Experience data freedom

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Goodbye data overages

5G+ Unlimited Data Plans are designed to give you the freedom to use as much data as you like with the assurance of no data overage charges. Choose a full-speed data bucket from 75GB up to 150GB – then enjoy unlimited data usage at 512Kbps or 2Mbps depending on your plan. All 5G+ Unlimited Data Plans also include Unlimited Calling, Text & MMS from Canada to Canada and Canada to U.S.

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Stress-free streaming

5G+ Unlimited Data Plans give you the assurance to use your phone as much as you like, no worries and no surprises on your bill. Notifications will alert you when your full-speed data bucket has been used and you’ll seamlessly go into unlimited data usage at a reduced speed so you can continue which is suitable for lighter use like email, browsing and apps.

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Speed Boost Add-ons

Now available in 3GB and 5GB options – Increase your 5G+ Unlimited Data Plan's full-speed data bucket any time with a Speed Boost Add-on. Get extra data for the remainder of your billing period without the hassle of changing your plan. Conveniently do it yourself from the myTbaytel App for iOS and Android

Speed Boost Add-ons

How do Unlimited Data Plans work?

Unlimited Data Plans include a bucket of full-speed data. In the event that you reach your full-speed data limit within your billing period, your data speed will be reduced for the remainder of the month. Data intensive applications such as video streaming, social media and large attachments will take longer to load or have reduced quality. Once your bill resets, your data connection will go back to full-speed.

Why are speeds reduced?

Unlimited Data Plans are designed to eliminate data overage and allow you to use as much data as you like while in Canada. When you exceed your full-speed data limit, the maximum speed for data usage will be reduced for the remainder of your billing period. This helps to ensure Tbaytel can maintain a world-class network experience for all users.

Will I be notified when I reach my full-speed limit?

Tbaytel will send you an SMS notification when you reach 75% and 100% of your full-speed data limit.

Can I buy more full-speed data once my speeds have been reduced?

If you need more full-speed data, you can purchase a Speed Boost Add-on. They can be purchased anytime in myTbaytel or the myTbaytel app. For more information please view our Speed Boost Add-ons.

What if I am still under contract?

If you have an existing SimplePay contract, you can keep your existing contract and device payments and change your plan to one of our new Unlimited Data Plans. If you are under contract with any other plan type, please contact us and we can review your account to determine what your options are.

What is 5G+?

5G+ is available on all our Unlimited Data plans which provides unlimited speed on your in-plan data. This means that as we continue to grow and improve our 5G network, your experience will also continue to get better. Some other carriers will restrict your maximum speed, forcing you to their more expensive plans for the best experience.

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