Fibre is available in Terrace Bay

Fibre is available in Terrace Bay Fibre is available in Terrace Bay

Delivering State of the Art Technology

Tbaytel has spent the better part of a decade bringing state-of-the-art fibre, information at the speed of light, to homes and businesses. By the end of 2022, Thunder Bay, Dryden, Kenora, Fort Frances and Marathon all have access to Fibre technology and we are proud to be adding Terrace Bay to this list in 2023. Bringing state-of-the-art fibre technology to more homes and businesses is not only good for Tbaytel but great for Northern Ontario. We know that the way people are using the Internet is constantly changing. With the introduction of Tbaytel Fibre to Terrace Bay, residents and businesses alike will have access to a whole host of applications and benefits that simply would not have been possible before.

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We’re Invested

Tbaytel has been serving Terrace Bay and surrounding areas with a robust Mobility network for decades and sponsoring organizations and people who make northern Ontario the amazing place that it is. By investing in this brand new Fibre network, it ensures a reliable a future-proof connected experience for Terrace Bay homes and businesses.

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Partnerships to Prosperity

The territory we serve is massive, rugged and often isolated. Our more than 400 employees live and work right here in Northern Ontario. And just as our company can’t run without them, our investments to bring Fibre to every customer we serve can’t be done without the vision of organizations and leadership like the town of Terrace Bay and the support of senior levels of government. By the end of 2023, Terrace Bay residents and businesses will be up and running with Tbaytel Fibre technology.

Watching Tbaytel TV

Fibre optic technology services customers with virtually unlimited bandwidth through a direct connection to their home or business. In addition to the benefits that can be felt across multiple sectors ranging from education, health care, social services and information technology, access to Fibre technology can also mean an exceptional telecommunications and entertainment experience for customers in their homes.

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Fibre frequently asked questions

What is Tbaytel Fibre?

Tbaytel Fibre - Fibre to the home technology is a dedicated Fibre connection right to your home. Instead of a traditional copper network, Tbaytel Fibre runs a system of next generation fibre optic cables throughout a neighbourhood / community. This network is connected to the existing wiring inside a home by a device called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

What are the benefits of Tbaytel Fibre?

In one word – Bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be moved across the Internet in a given amount of time. The higher your bandwidth, the faster your upload and download speeds. Tbaytel Fibre provides virtually unlimited bandwidth, delivering more digital information more efficiently than the traditional copper cable.

Households are expecting their Internet to be able to keep up with their activity. With Tbaytel Fibre you will have the capability to do things like video calling, HD streaming, online gaming and photo and music downloading faster than ever before.

Fibre means no more lags or slowdowns for heavy bandwidth applications. With Tbaytel Fibre, your household can connect multiple devices using the same connection simultaneously - Tbaytel Fibre is always on and it’s always superfast. What once took an hour to download can now take seconds!

Does an installer need to come to my house?

Yes. An installer will need access to the home to install the ONT (Optical Network Terminal). The ONT is typically installed in the basement. The installer will be onsite for approximately two to four hours.

What services can I get with Tbaytel Fibre?

With Tbaytel Fibre, you can subscribe to all the same services Tbaytel already offers plus additional Internet plans offering faster speeds.

How reliable is Tbaytel Fibre?

Tbaytel Fibre is best in class technology that will provide customers with greater service capabilities than traditional copper wiring or wireless Internet services, and extensive testing has been done to ensure its reliability. Simply put, Tbaytel Fibre is the future of telecommunication service in northern Ontario.

How do I know if my home is in a Tbaytel Fibre Neighbourhood?

The installation of Tbaytel Fibre in the areas above will be multi-year projects. Once the build is complete and the fibre is tested, Tbaytel will contact residents directly via mail to notify them that fibre services are available to their home.

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Limited time offer. Offer, plans and pricing subject to change without notice. Promotional pricing applies to new residential customers who have not subscribed to applicable services in the past 3 months. $99 Internet and TV offer is for 24 months, based on a 24 month commitment, and includes Fibre Gigabit Internet and Deluxe TV only; promotional rates to upgrade to Supreme and Ultimate TV with the $99 package are an additional $18 and $50 respectively. Additional TV theme packs are also extra. Early cancellation of the Internet or TV commitment offers will result in a penalty of $10/month for Internet and $10/month for TV for the number of months remaining and the removal of the $10 mobility bundle credit. Promotional pricing for Internet and TV services reflects prices after bundle discounts are applied. After fixed promotional pricing ends, regular in-market pricing will take effect. Hardware provided by Tbaytel are considered rentals and must be returned to Tbaytel if service is cancelled or penalties may apply. Home phone promotional rates are available without an end-date. Regular Basic Home Phone rate is $29.95, Enhanced $38.95 and Premium $53.95 /mo. Unlimited Ontario Long Distance restricted to area codes 226, 289, 416, 519, 613, 647, 705, 807, 905. Long Distance rates to International countries may vary and are subject to change without notice. Services are subject to availability where access and technology permit.